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The Best Of Two Worlds:
Our Experienced Team Of Seasoned Entrepreneurs,
And Our Creative Team Of Award Winning Designers And Artists all working together in one Digital and Influencer Marketing Agency.

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Creative Services

Build Your Brand

Share your objectives. Understanding the desired outcome will help us define your goals and build a brand that is synonymous with your vision.

Generate and Engage Your Community

Creating brand loyalty means proactively understanding your audience, followed by framing relevant messaging that strengthens and provides value to your community.

Monetize Your

Dreams are important, but to make them a reality, one needs to be practical. Without that, dreams are just fantasies.
We make sure that all goals are focused on quantifiable results - helping you do well as you do good...

data - your #1 tool


Why learn from your own mistakes, when you can learn from others? Our data and analytics team and technology will allow you to see what the competitive landscape has done and continues to do on an ongoing basis. Learn from their mistakes and their successes, leapfrogging forward with targeted and effective outreach. Understand what your audience is discussing and how to customize your campaigns to leverage that data, with quantifiable results.
Finally, we will identify and engage relevant influencers to help drive organic traffic to your website and business, increasing eyeballs, traffic, leads, and customers. We'll handle every part of the process, from identification, to engagement, contracts, and campaign oversight.

"We can and will identify and engage relevant influencers as needed, but our focus is ultimately on our clients becoming the influencers. Our clients are the brand - and they need to be recognized as the authority."
Steve Zeitchik - CEO


Artist Promotion

Inclusive Marketing

Social Media


Strategic Planning

Competitive Analysis

Reputation Management

Influencer Marketing






Influencer Marketing

Reputation Management

Competitive Analysis

Strategic Planning


Social Media

Inclusive Marketing

Artist Promotion

How We Work

Our Process


Exploring the problem

A successful marketing plan relies heavily on understanding the opportunity. We create benchmark reports to lay out where your are now, where you want to go, and how to get there.

Finding the solution

When it comes to digital marketing strategies, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Different clients require different strategies. Different audiences require different messaging. Different audiences also reside on different platforms. We peel back the layers, making sure that there are no gaps, and that our outreach provides your brand with the greatest impact and ROI.

Our Team

We want to give you the best resources to reach your goals, which includes pairing you with the right people on our team. When choosing the people who will work with you, we consider a variety of factors, including knowledge, work experience, and even personal interests (because a passionate marketer is an effective marketer). The result? A potent marketing force, specifically selected to provide you with the best results for your unique brand.

Building the Content

Before engaging with the audience we create the copy with you. Text and images that are consistent with the integrity of your brand. Best of both worlds - all steak AND all sizzle. Neither compromised to enable you to become a leader.

Launch and support

We launch our plan, after carefully exploring all metrics - learning from what is effective, and continued testing on how to broaden the efforts as we evolve, allowing for a scalable methodology that generates your growth.

Clients About Us

Aaron P
“Our company was generating success before engaging with Agency 8200, but we've achieved new heights quickly, benefitting from the strategic thought and implementation put in place by their team.”
Dani H
"As a niche fashion brand, we thought we were limited to our region. Agency 8200 helped us recognize our potential on a larger scale, and then helped us execute successfully."

About us

Before a business can implement a successful strategy, a business needs to have a successful strategy.  Our team is comprised of both seasoned business executives and high level experienced designers and marketers who work together closely with our clients.  Together, they structure a plan and messaging that is designed to identify and target a relevant audience resulting in quantifiable deliverables.  Backed by our in-house technology, we analyze the market and the competition along with data on public sentiment, and integrate these tools and our combined experiences to create a “sum is greater than the parts” dynamic providing a formula for scalable success.

this guy

this guy likes to look at the floor to the left. he is a Yale graduate who really brings his passion into his staring at the floor to the left.

this girl

This girl is a stereotypical asian girl ideal for showcasing racial diversity. She has a happy go-lucky attitude and hair in her eyes.

this person

this picture was taken of this person right as a guy on the floor above dropped a half eaten  hamburger on his head. true story.

he is still looking at the floor. what an idiot.

This is messy Jane, we think she needs to get a therapist, she thinks she is God. But she does all of our legal paperwork like nobody's business.

messy Jane

this is Rona. she is the worst.

it wasn't that funny

this guy again

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